I have compiled litecoin core and am currently running litecoind which is downloading the blockchain.

What other command-line tools do I need in order to mine litecoin without a GUI? And what are the other prerequesites (aside from a beefy rig with lots of graphics cards etc)? Can I just create a wallet and set the daemon running? Does the daemon mine coins or do I need to use litecoin-cli to instruct the daemon as to the location of my wallet etc?

I can't seem to find any decent command line guides - most seem to be for cgminer or litecoin-qt

  • As with Bitcoin, it is not viable or worth your time to mine with a computer and hasn't been for a long time. Mining has moved to specialized ASIC processors which can do the job faster and much more efficiently.
    – Claris
    Commented Sep 23, 2015 at 16:34

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You have miners on command line like sgminer or cgminer. You can use this with a GUI but it is not a requirement.

You can find usage guide on previous link. Exemple for sgminer. After you build it and install it, you simply have to execute this command to lunch mining :

sgminer -o http://pool:port -u username -p password

Replace :

  • pool by adresse of your pool
  • port by the port of your mining pool
  • username and password by your pool login.

If you want more information check official github of these projects

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