https://blockchain.info/address/12tFogx4zzsZzCwWAXfb36gaPHkt3FNU3P?filter=5# is the transaction page for my wallet address help? i just got $9 and i want it in my wallet but its not there (its almost been 24 hours and blockchain says i have it??) i just recently upgraded to electrum 1.9.4

  • and i tryed regening the blockchan it did nothing but waste my time lol – screamindynomit Sep 24 '15 at 4:50
  • I'm just curious as to whether it could be an Electrum 1.9 issue, as 2.4 is current. Have you got the private key for 12tFogx4zzsZzCwWAXfb36gaPHkt3FNU3P? Go to console, then dumpprivkey 12tFogx4zzsZzCwWAXfb36gaPHkt3FNU3P? then import it to a mobile wallet or Electrum 2.0. Also, is it possible the wallet sent your BTC to a change address? If this is the case, that wif won't match 12tFogx4zzsZzCwWAXfb36gaPHkt3FNU3P – Wizard Of Ozzie Sep 24 '15 at 9:24

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