Is there any way to watch all addresses under HD wallet?

I'd like to notify users when any of addresses in a HD wallet receive BTC.

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Full disclosure: I'm BlockCypher's Developer Advocate.

We have a series of HD Wallet Endpoints that we recently released that might suit your needs; you can read more about it here:


You can use it in tandem with our WebHooks API for notifications whenever an address associated with an HD wallet is involved in a transaction.

If you want to use something locally instead of our API, I'm a fan of btcd and their associated btcwallet, which supports HD addresses.


It seems there is no web service for watch-only HD wallet. Is there any >web-service to watch(only) HD Wallet BIP32? : Bitcoin

Actually there is. Check out blockonomics , it supports xpub search and also wallet watcher with xpub support that sends out email notifications on transactions. Also has websocket API for notfications


I would definitely recommend a third-party service for this, we use both:




Both services work great and are reliable. Blockchain WebHooks is much more affordable longer term

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