I need to know when my local wallet receives coins... but onCoinsReceived is invoked as soon as a transaction on my wallet is visible. How do I get notified when coins have been received and are spendable?

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Technically speaking, the coins are spendable immediately; they'll just take longer to spend and cost more in transaction fees. But to know when the coins are confirmed, in onCoinsRecieved:

If you want to know when such a transaction receives its first confirmation, register a TransactionConfidence event listener using the object retrieved via Transaction.getConfidence(). It's safe to modify the wallet in this callback, for example, by spending the transaction just received.


Use something like this:

public void onCoinsReceived(Wallet wallet,
                            Transaction tx,
                            Coin prevBalance,
                            Coin newBalance) {
    TransactionConfidence confidence = Transaction.getConfidence();
    confidence.addEventListener(new TransactionConfidence.Listener() {
        public void onConfidenceChanged(Transaction tx,
                         TransactionConfidence.Listener.ChangeReason reason) {
            DefaultCoinSelector.isSelectable(transaction) {
                // do something here

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