I am new to bitcoin. When I use this online 'Script Execution' site, to calculate the SHA256 hash of 1, I get 4bf5122f344554c53bde2ebb8cd2b7e3d1600ad631c385a5d7cce23c7785459a but using any other online calculator you get a different result 6b86b273ff34fce19d6b804eff5a3f5747ada4eaa22f1d49c01e52ddb7875b4b So probably OP_SHA256 is not what I think, or something happens to input after 1 is pushed into stack.

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Your conflict is caused because you are hashing different values in the two situations.

>>> import hashlib
>>> hashlib.sha256("1").hexdigest()

Your online tools are showing the hash of the string "1".

>>> hashlib.sha256("\x01").hexdigest()

Bitcoin script stack elements are bytes, for OP_1 this is 01.

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