I am planning to build on top of Stellar a unified universal gateway+trading platform(all frequencies) for banks and financial institutions to power ultrafast international payment transfers in fiat/crypto currencies, automated equity and forex trading as well as interbank transactions involving trade financing instruments e.g. Conditional Lines of Credit, LCs and Bank Guarantees. I plan to write its low-latency backend in C++ and frontend will comprise of a PID server in combination with a web/JavaScript site as GUI.

The PID server monitors the PID’s of the strategies/transactions running on the server and executes the commands as they come. The server could consist of a webserver listening on port 8888 with a simple JSON interface, to make it super flexible.

How do I use Stellar API to accomplish my goal?

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I'd start by reading the concepts here so you know what stellar will do for you vs what you have to do on your own: https://www.stellar.org/developers/learn/ It also has the API documentation.

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A platform for realtime international payments would definitely be possible using the Stellar API.

You'd need to first become a gateway on the Stellar network. More on what it means to be a Stellar gateway here.

I'd also recommend familiarizing yourself with the Javascript SDK, which lets you integrate a web app (that you build) with the Horizon API server.

If you have have more questions about integration with the Stellar network, feel free to join slack.stellar.org and chat with developers from Stellar.org team and the global Stellar community. It may be easier to help you with the development process if we can chat in real-time.

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