Where can I check the output logs generated from LogPrint() statements in the bitcoind source code.

PS: Please do not confuse this with the LogPrintf() statement, which logs the output into debug.log file.

  • Have you set the right -debug option in your bitcoin.conf? – Nick ODell Oct 24 '15 at 19:53

LogPrint and LogPrintf are very similar.

Mind the definiton: #define LogPrintf(...) LogPrint(NULL, __VA_ARGS__)

LogPrint's will only end up in your debug.log when enabling the corresponding category. Enabling works over the -debug arg.

-debug=mempool,net would output all LogPrint("mempool",...) or LogPrint("net",...) to the debug log, or to stdout if -printtoconsole has been enabled.

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