I'm currently using Mtgoxlive to view ask and bid walls.

enter image description here

But ... I can't see the chart beyond about $1.5 +- the current price.

Is there another site for viewing ask/bid walls graphically, in a similar fashion to Mtgoxlive, that is limiting in the displayed data?

Also, a nice to have would be historic wall data. There is the Wall Observer Thread ... is there another site that does this?


btccharts.com is a better version of mtgoxlive.com - it lets you zoom out to see more price range, and has a bunch of other features.

See its forum thread for discussion of it.

Note: the site is currently down for maintenance but should be back soon.

Also, clarkmoody will show you a live updating view of the market, but the depth is shown numerically, not on a graph.

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