I need to get the value displayed in usd on the transaction details page of blockchain.info, if you hover the btc sent you can see a "value at time of transaction".

How I can get this data programmatically so I can use it to track history of transaction prices on an address? I've searched all over but can't find where to get the price shown in blockchain.info for my tx.

This is an example:
For transaction: https://blockchain.info/tx/a11d6b6de30b5f1a5090c0f9d4b91fcf0e1384b86dd78614301bc46080d74366

If my address is 158n3kPsg822Ci5131ToyYsM66gnwcCzKm, I need to be able to retrieve programmatically the 2079.7 value as shown on the transaction page.

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I inspected the network calls and found this endpoint: https://blockchain.info/frombtc?value=499987100&currency=USD&time=1449868758000&textual=false&nosavecurrency=true

it returns exactly what I need.

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