Today my friend transferred bitcoins to my account and up till now there still 0/no confirmation.so how long is actually the period for the transection to be confirm? it is almost 8hours ad still no even single confirmation,plus I cannot even transferred my bitcoin to my friends. PLEASE HELP ME.

I've tried to search the solution but still dont get it.

this is the transection link: 3757f5a11b2c1af3b4f58f6d922496327aa6cba242772adad4cd928f2a736a9d

  • The transactions has also been confirmed, so I'm closing this. – morsecoder Dec 14 '15 at 13:07

Looking at the transaction details on blockchain.info, it looks like part of the problem is that this transaction spends an input which is unconfirmed. If/when the input gets confirmed, and if everything else with the transaction is kosher, it's probably just a matter of time before the transaction is confirmed.

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