I am using windows 7. I have installed the driver successfully by zadig.

In cgminer when I open the .bat file, it just doesn't open and gets closed immediately.

When I open in bfgminer it says no device connected.


cgminer.exe -o xxx -u abc.worker -p x

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From BFGMiner's README.ASIC file:

The U3 does not support autodetection, so you will want to use --scan-serial to manually probe it. For example, to scan all devices, you can use:

-S antminer:all --set antminer:chip=BM1382

Additionally, for optimal performance you will need to set voltage, clock, and timing. Voltage format for the U3 is not documented by the manufacturer, thus must be provided as hexadecimal configuration codes. Timing is provided in the number of nanoseconds each hash takes at the given configuration. A known-working configuration is:

--set antminer:voltage=x800 --set antminer:clock=237.5 --set antminer:timing=0.022421

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