I've heard that Tor Project constructed such system:

  • Everybody who are participating in the Tor Network, creating Exit Node or even Middle Node, would simply paste his Bitcoin address into the "Nickname" field.

  • All donates are clearly transparent and divides by the fair mechanism.

Now, I'm thinking, How is really great this Experiment.

And wondering, such mechanism with only one address to Donate and available blockchain.info would give fair Donation to any open-source project. For example Linux Kernel Developers or other GNU projects would simply install such daemon/system by similar # apt-get install command.

Github information would give percentage of job for each person, daemon will split Bitcoin input according to this data and it will be fair and easy controllable by blockchain.info's data.

Thereafter, I'm wondering, Is there anything else, except Tor Project.

I'm meaning "Global", Distributed, Bitcoin-based Donation System. Not only for closely-knitted group, where one person taking all donations and as a General commanding to his army who gonna getting what.

Probably such list will be good adding to bitcoin wiki and this site too.

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