So, 1 GHash equals 1000 Mhash's as far as I know. Then, why genesis-mining measures the bitcoin hashpower in terrahashes?? 1 Thash = 1000 Ghash. The whole hashocean is said to have 41.6 GH/s. On genesis you can buy 1 Thash for 400$. Who is naming their units in incorrect way?


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Your 41.6 GH/s is certainly wrong. According to https://bitcoinwisdom.com/bitcoin/difficulty it's currently 757,561,871 GH/s = 757,561 TeraHash/s.

Also: it's "Tera", one r and capital T. Capitalization is important in the Metric prefixes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_prefix

Note also that cloud mining is usually a scam. Why would they give you money? Answer: they don't.


As the network gets bigger, the reference hashpower for the whole network grows too. The bitcoin network is now in the petahash range and soon will be exahashes!

1000 k kilo

1000^2 M mega

1000^3 G giga

1000^4 T tera

1000^5 P peta

1000^6 E exa

1000^7 Z zetta

1000^8 Y yotta

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