In the createP2SHMultiSigInputScript() function of BitcoinJ according to this:

public static Script createP2SHMultiSigInputScript(@NullableList signatures,Script multisigProgram)

Create a program that satisfies a pay-to-script hashed OP_CHECKMULTISIG program. If given signature list is null, incomplete scriptSig will be created with OP_0 instead of signatures


the Script multisigProgam input refers to the Redeem Script or the ScriptPubKey??

due to the fact that the createP2SHMultiSigInputScript() returns the ScriptSig script.

  • Downvoted because the question is not very clear and probably no longer useful today. I considered editing it to align it with my interpretation of what is being asked, but I'm not sure it's of much use today. Bitcoinj is not being used a lot anymore, and the asker probably solved the problem many years ago.—Happy to upvote if it's turned into a more useful question.
    – Murch
    Jun 17, 2022 at 15:27


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