Is there a place where I can find the Bitcoin whitepaper by satoshi in plain text markdown format?

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Perhaps convert the whitepaper in pdf to your required format?

A discussion in pandoc mentions pdftohtml -xml to be most promising.


You can find a markdown version here.


I recently created a markdown version of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, which you can find at https://github.com/dhimmel/bitcoin-whitepaper/tree/master/content. Most of the markdown text is in this file. I based this version off the Whitepaper provided by the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. Accordingly, the images are SVGs and the math is TeX-formatted.

The source markdown is compiled by the Manubot and served by GitHub pages at http://git.dhimmel.com/bitcoin-whitepaper/. Contributions are welcome if you notice any issues.

For the ODT-formatted whitepaper (in many languages) see https://github.com/saivann/bitcoinwhitepaper.

Update: See my Steemit post with more details on how I converted the whitepaper to markdown.

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