I'm looking into developing some Go software on Ethereum and I'm wondering - are there any API wrappers around for Ethereum (something like BTCSuite's BTCRPCClient is for Bitcoin)? I know there is a whole Go Ethereum implementation, but I'm looking for more lightweight way of interacting just with the JSON RPC server, rather than interacting with the whole network directly.

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Not yet.

We've just revamped the server side RPC internals in develop and are still ironing out some quirks. I can imagine we would soon-ish start working towards the directions of providing some Go client APIs, but we're not there yet. If you just need a few specific ones, they are relatively easy to implement (here's a few we needed for a hackathon last week https://github.com/gophergala2016/etherapis/blob/master/etherapis/geth/api.go).

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