I sent money to the wrong address. I am not a developer and I only understand the blockchain in its most general terms.....but I use bitcoin everyday so I have a working knowledge of it. It's hard for me to get anywhere because I know none of the languages, anything about scripting, and can't even run a install via command prompt.....I'm working on it though. Is there a way for me to either recover, regenerate, or resend my misplaced transacrion? I see it there on blockcypher. I tried to import into one of my other wallets but it won't go because I assume I need the private key. Please help.

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Confirmed Bitcoin transactions are final and cannot be undone. Try asking the receiver to send the funds back.


If you did the transaction between accounts on an exchange, it probably can be cancelled by the exchange team.

  • Contact the recipient immediately, explain the mistake, and ask them to return the funds. Be sure to give them an address to return the funds to. Feb 7, 2016 at 11:42

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