I'm fetching my active credits in BFX and trying to discover when I'll have my funding back. This is a response example:


    amount: "294.4316181",
    currency: "USD",
    id: 15778083,
    period: 2,
    rate: "16.816",
    status: "ACTIVE",
    timestamp: "1454846632.0"
}, ...

But new Date(1454846632.0) returns a very old date, what makes me think this timestamp isn't there to be converted into a real date at all.

I am doing something wrong? How can I discover the remaining time of a credit I provided?

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    This is kind of off-topic, as converting timestamps is more of a regular programming question than a cryptocurrency specific issue. However, the question is well-written, got an answer quickly, and might be of use to others, so I'll not vote to close.
    – Murch
    Feb 11, 2016 at 10:28

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The problem is not with the timestamp, it's with your method of converting the timestamp to local time.

As this SO question describes, convert it this way:

var dt = new Date(0);

Which prints Sun Feb 07 2016 07:03:52 GMT-0500 (EST).


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