I'm trying to broadcast a manually crafted and signed transaction. As far as I can tell, the scripts are correct and the signatures pass BIP 66 validation.

However, I keep getting:

{'message': '64: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (No error)', u'code': -26}

Suspecting the DER encoding, I tried different libs (plus my own ad-hoc code) to no avail. This is the raw transaction in question:


What's wrong with the transaction? I'll provide any additional information necessary.

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I was sending an extra signature.

The transaction required 2-of-3, and I sent the 3 signatures. The extra signature was not popped off the stack by OP_CHECKMULTISIG, and the remaining stack looked like this:

OP_0 # null-dummy for Bitcoin Core's old bug

The extra signature took the place of the dummy, and bitcoind detected this when verifying the dummy was an OP_0.

RPC_VERIFY_REJECTED = -26, //! Transaction or block was rejected by network rules

Rule "prev_out" failed to validate: Prev out d9a78501ba9601391094fe4a369ab8767822196561ceca3b64e446ea6785a085:0 not found.


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