I am a rather new Bitcoin user, running bitcoin-qt on Linux. However, due to limited disk space, the application is taking up too much of my drive. I'm guessing this is due to the ever-expanding blockchain? So, I was wondering if there is a way to relocate the data from bitcoin-qt to elsewhere. I have another drive connected to my computer that I could put it on, but I do not know how to safely relocate it. Thanks for taking a look!

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I recommend reading about the Bitcoin Data Directory. You should also take a look at this answer: How do I specify in which directory Bitcoin blocks and other data should be stored?

Basically, all your Bitcoin data is stored in ~/.bitcoin on Linux. Not only can you specify a different location for this directory using -datadir=/some/other/directory, but you could also symlink ~/.bitcoin to some other directory on a secondary disk or network share, like this:

ln -s /some/other/directory ~/.bitcoin

However, from personal experience, I would suggest not using a network share.

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