This is my first time using bitcoin and I've had a transaction stuck for over 12 hours. Any help getting confirmed would be appreciated.


  • Your transaction did not include a transaction fee. It will probably take days until it is confirmed or may never be. This can be fixed creating another transaction that spends the same money, but includes a transaction fee. Which wallet did you use?
    – Murch
    Apr 8 '16 at 7:28
  • Also see: bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/9046/…
    – Murch
    Apr 8 '16 at 7:30
  • bitcoin-core . I thought it set recommended fees
    – samiam
    Apr 8 '16 at 7:31
  • Strange. What version was that?
    – Murch
    Apr 8 '16 at 7:33
  • Bitcoin Core version v0.12.0 (64-bit)
    – samiam
    Apr 8 '16 at 7:34

I ran bitcoind with the --zapwallettxes flag and recovered the coins. Thankyou for the help

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