I am earning and free bitcoin faucets say that they are sending satoshi to my bitcoin address or to some micro wallets like https://faucetbox.com or Paytoshi.com. The said micro wallets in turn send them automatically when the pre-fixed threshold limit is reached. I have two questions and seek your guidance.

(1) I do not know how to see my accumulated satoshi earnings because I do not know where they are parked. Can you guide me in this respect?

(2) How to send/transfer them to my Blockchain Wallet Account?

I look forward to your able guidance....


Dr. Surya NSK


Go to faucetbox.com and enter your address in the address checker (starting with 1xxx.../3xxx...) there. It will allow you to set the payout threshold and see how much you've accumulated. Microwallets are used to avoid transaction fees every time you earn a few satoshis. Hope it helps.

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