I know that I can use the GUI to do this and I"m glad to do so...however how would I do this using a bash script? This is on a Mac but I would just change it for any OS in question.


PAYOUTS=cat ~/Desktop/weeklySummary.csv
WP= /Users/${USER}/.electrum/wallets
PASS= "my_wallet_password"
# echo $PAYOUTS

cd /
./Applications/Electrum.app/Contents/MacOS/Electrum paytomany && $PAYOUTS -w $WP -W PASS 

# this is not ready yet!  I have to figure out 
# whether or not change address, a fee, and a 
# from address are requried to use this 

I get thrown some errors for a few missing details. Am I required to have my wallet password, from address, and change address (I presume the answer is yes) but furthermore, what are the -h, -v, -P parameters mentioned here?

enter image description here


WOW....so this never got answered by anyone else....okay let's share the answer for you all as I eventually figured it out but had forgotten that I wrote this question:

electrum paytomany "[[\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05], [\"17Umi7fbYuKixnr8nRq16kMESWgJVc66s\", 0.05]]"

So each address to be paid must reside within its own array which is itself enclosed into a parent array of all those payout requests...the slashes are simply there to escape the quotes so they're included within the string. I actually ended up doing something other than bash but utlimately this is the string you need to format in order to paytomany using electrum. Still don't know what the -v nor the -h are for (op...nevermind they mean Help and Verbose)...-P for portable wallet (meaning it can be put onto something like a usb drive (a portable filesystem essentially)... Hope this can help some other fellow web traveller in the future ;)

  • You are a god! the documentation is awful, for thinking that the sentence "outputs list of ["address", amount]" implies this EXTREMELY specific data format at all Jul 4 '20 at 2:41
  • Note that the string '[["address_text", value]]' also works, by mixing single and double quotes you can avoid having to add escape characters \ to the whole thing. This is how the json.dumps library operates in python which is used to interpret this via json.loads See: github.com/spesmilo/electrum/blob/master/electrum/commands.py Jul 13 '20 at 12:03

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