I am new with bitcoin and I need some help from experienced members.

I have a server with bitcoin core where we accept some payments and use bitcoin core as mercant.

The problem is that we have got an incoming transaction which we didn't see in our wallet.

Here is the hash of the transaction: 460c0dc70ef52fd66142d1798a1735b4613c9ffec478efe5997d1ede0d16f28a

In our bitcoin core through the bitcoin-cli command line I can see the following:

bitcoin-cli listtransactions 1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ
    "account": "1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ",
    "address": "1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ",
    "category": "receive",
    "amount": 7.02278014,
    "label": "1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ",
    "vout": 1,
    "confirmations": 128,
    "blockhash": "000000000000000002ef00cf04d1a6197cd07d5b7826d2dc8cd8a86fd41d578f",
    "blockindex": 425,
    "blocktime": 1463303078,
    "txid": "460c0dc70ef52fd66142d1798a1735b4613c9ffec478efe5997d1ede0d16f28a",
    "walletconflicts": [
    "time": 1463299775,
    "timereceived": 1463299775,
    "bip125-replaceable": "no"
    "account": "1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ",
    "category": "move",
    "time": 1463303102,
    "amount": -0.00007000,
    "otheraccount": "1M1LTHjc1JAcVfCoyhSkoP1VH8B9RLY8tg",
    "comment": "merchant fee"
    "account": "1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ",
    "category": "move",
    "time": 1463303102,
    "amount": -7.02278014,
    "otheraccount": "1LBa3bAVF5RSfnFnm3sX1Zm5R8WU1J8xnK",
    "comment": "invoice forward"

As I see funds were successfully moved to 1LBa3bAVF5RSfnFnm3sX1Zm5R8WU1J8xnK, which is correct, but on blockchain, for example, if I go here https://blockchain.info/address/1K7Pci1re92vQuTSXbirmvQsmYMpXHQWbQ I see that were sent to another address!

How to understand that, and how to find where these bitcoins have gone?

Any help will be appreciated, thank you very much!

  • And the main problem that there is no money on my wallet...
    – user35687
    May 16, 2016 at 7:04
  • Did the private key of 1LBa3bAVF5RSfnFnm3sX1Zm5R8WU1J8xnK begins with 5 ? Dec 3, 2016 at 5:42

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Assuming the address you provided is really your address and not just watch only one there are basically two possibilities:

  1. You have sent the money to another address and forgotten about that (or misunderstood what you are doing),
  2. Your wallet got compromised either by giving private key to some malicious third part or via computer virus which stolen it without your knowledge.

In either way the address you mentioned is now empty and you cannot take the money back unless you control the addresses it is now on.

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