I request payment to this address: 1MJW5uSqvsdey6DnAsMo21WZ6bhehaVtKq but still not yet to the wallet.


Why this happen how to get back or cancell



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You provided the receiving address but not the sending address or the txid.

Is this your transaction sending 0.05277 BTC to that address?


If that is not your transaction then has not yet been transmitted to the network. The above transaction is the only transaction involving the address you specified: 1MJW5uSqvsdey6DnAsMo21WZ6bhehaVtKq

Where did you send the payment from? Some online exchanges say they "sent" the transaction and deduct btc from your balance before they actually transmit it. Until you see a transaction ID on the blockchain I would continue to assume it has not been sent.

How you can receive your "bitcoin back or cancel" is dependent on who controls the wallet the transaction is intended to be sent from.

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