If I have 24/7 running bitcoind on a headless server, is there a graphical way to connect, maybe only temporarily to the server's Bitcoin Core daemon or its client to see if everything is going smoothly on the server?

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I found a plausible answer which did not work for me, but almost!

To start it up, follow this:

  1. Install xpra both on the server, and on the client. On Debian-like OS it would be:

    sudo apt-get install -y xpra
  2. Temporarily stop the Bitcoin Core daemon on the server:

    bitcoin-cli stop
  3. Over the first SSH connection, start xpra on the server like this:

    xpra start :7
  4. Over the second SSH connection, start bitcoin-qt on the server like this:

    DISPLAY=:7 bitcoin-qt
  5. Connect xpra from the client to the server like this:

    xpra attach ssh:SERVER-IP:7

After you have finished your work, follow this:

  1. Close Bitcoin-Qt on the client

  2. Press CTRL+C in this window and close it:

    xpra attach ssh:SERVER-IP:7
  3. Press CTRL+D in this window and close it:

    DISPLAY=:7 bitcoin-qt
  4. Press CTRL+C in this window and don't close it:

    xpra start :7
  5. Issue this command in the SSH session to the server:

    xpra stop :7
  6. And finally start your Bitcoin Core daemon again with or without a wallet:

    bitcoind -daemon -disablewallet

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