I'm really looking forward to the Lightning Network and all the efforts being put in by Blockchain.info, Blockstream, and others. But I was wondering if there aren't other options for decentralised scaling besides LN?

In particular, are there are other decentralised+offchain scaling models that have been suggested beside hub-and-spoke?


The obvious one would be side chains, the idea being that the transactions on the side chain would be off the main chain. Most other scaling solutions are either on-chain or centralized. For example, segwit and block size increases are on-chain and using a service like coinbase to move coins off-chain are clearly centralized.

  • Any off chain solutions in the works currently? I would like to see some competition to LN, since LN nodes are said to have to register within the US.
    – hakunin
    Nov 8 '17 at 7:50
  • The simplest off chain solution is to have a 2of2 multi-sig wallet with someone who does not share their key with you (and vice versa). Both of you can add to this multi-sig wallet but if you wanted to move the funds out of it, the signature of both you and the other party would be required. Practical example: one has bitcoin but wants to regularly sell little parts to the other side without paying any on-chain fees. All you need is a shared knowledge of how much belongs to each one. For example a PrivateBin bin could be used for that. Apr 28 at 8:40

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