Tor usage seems to be fairly common with Bitcoin, but I have heard less about efforts of integrating with the I2P efforts.

Tor and I2P both have their pros and cons, but I am curious to here about what I2P efforts have been made to this point and why more attention has so far focused on tor.

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C++ may be viewed by some as more suitable for Bitcoin use than Java which I2P currently heavily relies upon



  1. To cover, veil, wrap (Esperanto).
  2. A secure, private, untraceable C++ implementation of the I2P anonymous network.

Once complete this project should ease of integrating Bitcoin in both a private and secure manner.


As of now, there is no such wallet. But there is bounty for it

More information here


Since 2021, Bitcoin Core supports finding and connecting to other nodes over I2P.

See the documentation for that feature: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/i2p.md

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