Is it possible 2 maintain a single Multibit HD wallet on two devices? Assume a laptop and phone. My first thought is to install MB HD on the second device and create a new wallet using the original wallet words. TKS, Regards,


Yes with an HD wallet you can use as many devices as you like.

However you may want to ask yourself why you are doing this. More devices = more possible attack surfaces.

Using different HD wallets has the benefit of the losing one (to a keylogger, etc) not causing loss to your Bitcoin in the others.

Why not keep a small amount of BTC in your mobile HD wallet for everyday use and have a little more in a seperate laptop HD wallet and the majority in a seperate cold storage HD wallet?

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  • Yes, I have considered and understand your concerns. The wallet(s) would only hold a small amount. I am looking into other storage methods, such as paper wallets, but am concerned about the seemingly difficulties of importing them into software wallets. – Sandy Jun 3 '16 at 1:52

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