I live in Canada, I don't have a credit card. I want to buy a prepaid one and but some bitcoins. How can I do this? Or is there a way to use my debit card? Or even go to my bank and do it.


Yes, I am Canadian and I have used both these services:


They can be added as Online Bill Payee at RBC, BMO, Scotia, or TD Bank (takes 1 to 2 days)



I never left my seat and Bitcoins were deposited with the hour!

They use TD Canada Trust, and you can add them as a Payee by calling your EasyLine banking, then make an Instant payment to them.

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Using a prepaid card is the hard way.

Your better option is to use an exchange.

Does your bank have online Bill Payment? If so, you might be able to send funds to CA VirtEx using that method.

You can instead deposit cash at Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal or ScotiaBank, and it will be credited to your account at CA VirtEx.

Another Canadian exchange, Canadian Bitcoins, accepts cash via XpressPost, (or in-person at their office in Ottowa).

There might be other methods that work for you as well:

There's quite a variety of methods:

  • I believe that as of April 2013 CAVirtEx no longer accepts payments via cash deposits at banks. See cavirtex.com/news – dchapes Apr 8 '13 at 3:32

The easiest way to buy bitcoins in Canada is to go to Bitcoins Canada - https://www.bitcoinscanada.ca

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    I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that they don't list contact information and registered their domain name anonymously. – Nick ODell Apr 8 '13 at 3:12

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