How can I get hold of my bitcoins that never made it to my wallet years ago?

I purchased some bitcoins years ago (have got my receipt and all emails from who I purchased). I downloaded Bitcoin-Qt 7, synced it, got an address for the seller. It went through, but I could never sync it again as I was using prepaid internet credit. So, the bitcoins never got to my wallet! I gave up for a few years, but now I have unlimited download. Now Bitcoin-Qt 7 has a download issue. I switched to Bitcoin Core 11 now. I would like to know how I can get hold of my bitcoins?

Ther was no data transferred over to Bitcoin Core 11 sadly. Please can any one help me?

  • I purchased them through spendbitcoins and they state that if I haven't received them to contact my wallet provider but I can not find a way to contact my wallet provider (bitcoin qt). Does any one know how or more to say who I contact to prove my proof of purchase and my coins sent to my bitcoin core wallet???
    – kym
    Commented Jun 13, 2016 at 5:53

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If you still have the wallet.dat file and your password you can access your bitcoins. You do not have to use Bitcoin-Qt 7 and it does not matter if your wallet ever synced before. If the sender sent the bitcoins to an address you control and the transaction was confirmed, the bitcoin are yours.


If you want to use a new version of Bitcoin-Qt you can do that too: See Import wallet.dat into a new Bitcoin-Qt client

  • Well I have looked all through my bitcoin qt 7 file and there is no wallet.dat file. For some reason there is nothing on my back ups on my hard drive. My wallet never synced for it to reach my wallet. what are my options now? I have block chain info and where it is. I have the address from my bitcoin qt wallet where it was ment to go but never did! So should i try and drag my bitcoin qt wallet to block chain and see if it works! I would think it wouldnt since wallet.dat is strangely not there! @animal instinct
    – kym
    Commented Jun 13, 2016 at 7:24
  • Is it possible that it all transferred over to my bitcoin core 11 when I downloaded the wallet? Some other bloke said that would happen! But i havent seen my bitcoins or the address they were sent to in my bitcoincore wallet! @animal instinct
    – kym
    Commented Jun 13, 2016 at 7:54
  • 4
    Go to the debug console in 0.11 and type validateaddress address (filling in your actual address). It will report ismine : true if that address is in your wallet. Commented Jun 13, 2016 at 11:16
  • @kym: Is your Bitcoin Core 11 fully synchronized now?
    – Murch
    Commented Jun 14, 2016 at 13:28

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