I've been looking at the version numbers of blocks, but I'm getting strange results from bitcoin-cli getblock.

"version": 536870913

However, when I run the same command with the false option (to get the serialized block data), it shows a version number of 1:

 "result": "010000 ...

Why is this happening?

Example: https://chainquery.com/bitcoin-api/getblock/0000000000000000054AFA8DDFAE5908D9FE2DC157FD137C03F71C87439BCB6D/false

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Great question. I had to do some research to find out.

Currently version is actually 4 bytes. In the case of this block (and many other recent blocks, as it turns out) it's 01000020. This is little endian, so when you reverse the bytes in hex it's:

0x20000001 = 536870913

Which in binary is:


It turns out that the bits here follow the BIP0009 spec. You can get a more user-friendly explanation of BIP0009 here. Essentially, BIP0009 specifies that version bits are to be used to signal support for a soft-fork. In this particular case by using that that extra "1" at the end, the miner that mined this block is expressing support for BIP0112 otherwise known as OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY.

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