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Can i access the testnet without downloading the blockchain? im developing a software to do a testnet (later it will be in mainnet) transaction with a custom message embedded into OP_RETURN. if the users have to download the whole blockchain, the users im targeting for this software, will not be interested of using this.

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If you are developing in java using the bitcoinj library, they have a mechanism in place to do it without downloading the full block chain. They just download the header lightweight simplified payment verification (SPV) mode. Maybe you can try that.This is the link

  • Thanks alot jgm. im thinking of developing the software in C#. do C# has a library such like that? – Anjelo Jun 17 '16 at 4:11

You can use regtest instead. You may enable regtest with

bitcoind --regtest

With console output:

bitcoind --regtest --printtoconsole 

To access the bitcoind, i will be needing the whole blockchain right?

Do I need the bitcoin blockchain for having a simple wallet using the bitcoind (daemon)?

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