I am new to btc. 2 Day ago, i sent some btc and it hasn't been confirmed yet. I have learned that it s because of low fee. 1. Should I be worried about this ? 2. I googled and see that pywallet would help so I tried to use it but it didn't work . (I used electrum) 3. How can i amend my transactions using electrum? So i can add more fee.

Here are my tx https://blockchain.info/tx/ba2d6baa3b123aee7612ae69ba72ffe2c4a3d86b12bfe5022243de6e3486b630


Please help I am so desperate now. And this is not dublicate post.. I have been searching here and cant find any solution yet!

  • We get this question a lot. Trust me, it's a duplicate, and your answer is in the linked question. I see no reason why your question is any different.
    – Jestin
    Jun 23, 2016 at 16:48


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