How do I make my client acquire more than 8 connections? What settings in firewall and operating system, or flags at execution do I need to use to allow it?

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    Could you possibly expand on this question to make it less specific? This has nothing to do with ubuntu or scripts. – Evil Spork Sep 3 '11 at 19:54
  • @Evil I understand your concern. I haven't devised a clever way to do that though. – Jader Dias Sep 4 '11 at 1:51
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  • See also bitcoin.stackexchange.com/q/2378/659 for a similar question. – Chris Moore Feb 20 '12 at 8:35

Typically connection counts of 10 or lower usually indicate that you are behind a router or firewall that is not configured properly. Try enabling UPnP from within the Bitcoin client's options dialog. If that doesn't work, try manually forwarding port 8333 to the computer which is running the Bitcoin client/daemon.

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  • You're right. The UPnP was activated by default but not working. The router was forwarding to an old IP address, and I fixed it by reseting it, so nothing changed on the PC. – Jader Dias Sep 2 '11 at 22:14
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    The outbound connection limit is exactly 8, the inbound connections are only limited by the -maxconnections total which is usually 125 (version 0.3.25). – Stéphane Gimenez Sep 2 '11 at 22:21
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    Thanks! It helped me realize my router had UPnP off. *facepalm – user173 Sep 3 '11 at 7:15
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    @EvilSpork is right. For easiest solution use UPnp. For the manual but much safer solution use port forwarding. Also having open inbound connection port (eithe manual or uPnp) also makes the rest of the network stronger. Firewalled clients can only receive connections from non-firealled clients so your open inbond port improves the connection access of nearby firewalled clients. – DeathAndTaxes Oct 17 '11 at 13:03
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    One thing I would add is that only one client on a network subnet (your home LAN) needs inbound connection. The clients are "smart" enough to look for peers on local network first so if one client on your home LAN gets a new transaction it will be relayed to all other clients on the LAN. – DeathAndTaxes Oct 17 '11 at 13:05


To disable the half-open TCP connections limit, set the value of the
EnableConnectionRateLimiting DWORD registry entry to 0 (0x00000000). To do this, follow these steps:

 1.       Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then click       
 regedit.exe in the Programs list. If you are prompted for an administrator   
 password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.
  1. Locate and then double-click the following registry key:
  1. In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.

  2. Exit Registry Editor.

 5.       Restart the computer.

B) Open the command prompt and use the following opening switches, alternatively you could plug the switches into the properties of your exec. shortcut.

bitcoin-qt -maxconnections=1000 -maxreceivebuffer=5000 -maxsendbuffer=128 -upnp=1 -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode= -seednode=[2001:470:b3d5:1:641c:6bff:fe9d:bccf]:8333 -seednode=[2601:601:1380:395:c1a:622c:4dd5:363d]:8333 -seednode=[2601:240:d002:2979:69fc:f725:bdc:d8ec]:8333 -seednode=[2601:601:cf80:3e44:f34:2645:867d:f7f6]:8333 -seednode=[2601:441:4480:1618:1077:aa2c:2d9:b5e]:8333 -seednode=[2601:441:4480:1618:1077:aa2c:2d9:b5e]:8333 -seednode=2601:c0:c100:1880:21f:5bff:fe3c:6e84]:8333 -seednode=[2603:3024:181e:3200:ec4:7aff:fe6b:8826]:8333 -seednode=[2601:445:4380:3692:260a:64ff:fe92:15ed]:8333 -seednode=[2001:558:6024:8:45ab:91b9:1f6c:f673]:8333 -seednode=2601:241:301:3ca5:45ff:3590:18bb:abc3]:8333 -seednode=[2601:380:4102:abe0:c9b2:6874:d4aa:2dfc]:8333 -seednode=[2601:446:c200:3580:7161:8278:33fe:effa]:8333 -seednode=[2601:644:8600:4875:470:de72:7c3e:f326]:8333 -seednode=2601:6c3:8380:143c:134:2d28:b933:755d]:8333 -seednode=[2601:1c2:600:bb:ab55:7b10:9f49:c333]:8333 -seednode=[2603:3024:1890:0:88f7:b3ff:feda:18d5]:8333 -seednode=[2002:496d:6fc3:e472:604b:e70c:fe47:d969]:8333 -seednode=2601:408:8100:1480:8ccc:6d53:5a67:2f82]:8333 -seednode=[2601:408:8100:1480:8ccc:6d53:5a67:2f82]:8333 -seednode=[2601:40a:202:6ff0:7cb9:6352:19df:f2b6]:8333 -seednode=[2603:3022:501:7800:495c:728c:ed5d:5d75]:8333 -seednode=2601:152:4400:1d50:30d6:854e:d379:2be]:8333 -seednode=[2601:101:c100:cd69:cd5a:41e:ff56:cf5d]:8333 -seednode=[2601:646:8e80:3ff9:d250:99ff:fe83:a470]:8333 -seednode=[2002:c1c6:6623::c1c6:6623]:8333 -seednode=[2002:58de:961e::58de:961e]:8333 -seednode=[2a04:c000:ed51:917:68::1]:8333 -seednode=[2605:a601:a48:a900:3c1a:85a:1a1:120a]:8333 -seednode=[2001:470:1f12:1dd::2]:8333 -seednode=[2001:470:1f12:1dd::2]:8333 -seednode=[2001:19f0:ac01:3f7:5400:1ff:fe43:e94b]:8333 -seednode=[2604:e880:0:15:ec4:7aff:fe4a:40e1]:8333 -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode=[2001:470:b3d5:1:641c:6bff:fe9d:bccf]:8333 -addnode=2601:601:1380:395:c1a:622c:4dd5:363d]:8333 -addnode=[2601:240:d002:2979:69fc:f725:bdc:d8ec]:8333 -addnode=[2601:601:cf80:3e44:f34:2645:867d:f7f6]:8333 -addnode=[2601:441:4480:1618:1077:aa2c:2d9:b5e]:8333 -addnode=2601:441:4480:1618:1077:aa2c:2d9:b5e]:8333 -addnode=[2601:c0:c100:1880:21f:5bff:fe3c:6e84]:8333 -addnode=[2603:3024:181e:3200:ec4:7aff:fe6b:8826]:8333 -addnode=[2601:445:4380:3692:260a:64ff:fe92:15ed]:8333 -addnode=[2001:558:6024:8:45ab:91b9:1f6c:f673]:8333 -addnode=[2601:241:301:3ca5:45ff:3590:18bb:abc3]:8333 -addnode=[2601:380:4102:abe0:c9b2:6874:d4aa:2dfc]:8333 -addnode=[2601:446:c200:3580:7161:8278:33fe:effa]:8333 -addnode=2601:644:8600:4875:470:de72:7c3e:f326]:8333 -addnode=[2601:6c3:8380:143c:134:2d28:b933:755d]:8333 -addnode=[2601:1c2:600:bb:ab55:7b10:9f49:c333]:8333 -seednode=[2603:3024:1890:0:88f7:b3ff:feda:18d5]:8333 -addnode=2002:496d:6fc3:e472:604b:e70c:fe47:d969]:8333 -addnode=[2601:408:8100:1480:8ccc:6d53:5a67:2f82]:8333 -addnode=[2601:408:8100:1480:8ccc:6d53:5a67:2f82]:8333 -addnode=[2601:40a:202:6ff0:7cb9:6352:19df:f2b6]:8333 -addnode=2603:3022:501:7800:495c:728c:ed5d:5d75]:8333 -addnode=[2601:152:4400:1d50:30d6:854e:d379:2be]:8333 -addnode=[2601:101:c100:cd69:cd5a:41e:ff56:cf5d]:8333 -addnode=[2601:646:8e80:3ff9:d250:99ff:fe83:a470]:8333 -addnode=[2002:c1c6:6623::c1c6:6623]:8333 -addnode=[2002:58de:961e::58de:961e]:8333 -addnode=[2a04:c000:ed51:917:68::1]:8333 -addnode=[2605:a601:a48:a900:3c1a:85a:1a1:120a]:8333 -addnode=[2001:470:1f12:1dd::2]:8333 -addnode=[2001:470:1f12:1dd::2]:8333 -addnode=[2001:19f0:ac01:3f7:5400:1ff:fe43:e94b]:8333 -addnode=[2604:e880:0:15:ec4:7aff:fe4a:40e1]:8333

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    This is unrelated to OP's question. – Pieter Wuille Dec 4 '17 at 18:43

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