On a first attempt to create a wallet with bitcoind, the process failed after filling the 160 Gb available in my home disk.

Which method or programme would allow me to create a wallet using the least space possible?

Update: I removed bitcoind and am now using Electrum. However, this freed up hardly any space on disk. How can I delete whatever files bitcoind created?


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You may not need to have its entire blockchain on your machine, depending on your situation:

You should clarify / update your question to include why you are running bitcoind from a command-line in the first place.

If you JUST want a wallet/Bitcoin-address, there are plenty of options.

I personally use "Electrum Bitcoin Wallet" GUI and find it easy to use - again your question is unclear so this may not be your complete answer but should provide a start.


When you are running a bitcoind server, you can enable pruning. This means only a part of the blockchain is saved.

How can I run bitcoind in pruning mode?

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