I mostly buy stuff on Ebay since Amazon and Bestbuy don't offer worldwide shipping, I live in southern Asia.

I have an account with my local public bank denominated in US Dollar to make my payments to Ebay. However, it is very hard to get USD in this country as rich people have all of it. If I used a local currency account instead, the bank would charge a 10% commission for each international payment for currency exchange and cross border fee.

Is there a Bitcoin solution for this?

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One thing you could do is order an prepaid debit card with one of the various providers. They usually allow you to create virtual cards instantly, which are just denominated in one of the major currencies. One example is crypotopay.me

  • Abraham-H tried to ask the following as an edit: "@MICHAEL183 I dont think currently Ebay accepts bitcoin; could u explain me how Ebay will accept this virtual debit card u mentioned [@michael183]."
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