I would like to know where is the wallet file (or private keys) stored on usually in the Bitcoin mobile wallet such as Android wallet (Mycelium or Bitcoin wallet)? Because I installed Bitcoin wallet and I could not find where are the private keys storing


The android Bitcoin Wallet application stores data using androids MODE_PRIVATE in the following location:


It is worth noting that this is not compatible with your standard wallet.dat file from bitcoin-qt but may be compatible with other bitcoinj clients that support protobuf formats.

Some actions in the app cause a backup file to be created in up to two locations. The first is a key backup at:


The second is the external backup feature which is stored on the SD card at the following location:


Here is the link to detailed specs of the Android bitcoin wallet


For the Bitcoin Android wallet, you can do a backup from inside the app. The backup will be located here by default /sdcard/Download/bitcoin-wallet-backup-<yyyy-MM-dd>. See the Files section of this page for more details.

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