I am using this link as a demonstration of what I want to achieve (see code below).

I am not in a position to use node.js now - and I need to use C#.

I have looked at the bitcoin.info API

My Question: would the C# BitCoin API be able to do the same where I build up the transaction, add the inputs, add the output, sign the transaction and then get the hex?

Is there sample code that someone can refer me to please?

var bitcoin = require('bitcoinjs-lib')

var tx = new bitcoin.Transaction()

// Add the input (who is paying) of the form [previous transaction hash, index of the output to use]
tx.addInput("aa94ab02c182214f090e99a0d57021caffd0f195a81c24602b1028b130b63e31", 0)

// Add the output (who to pay to) of the form [payee's address, amount in satoshis]
tx.addOutput("THEADDRESS", 15000)

// Initialize a private key using WIF
key = bitcoin.ECKey.fromWIF("L1uyy5qTuGrVXrmrsvHWHgVzW9kKdrp27wBC7Vs6nZDTF2BRUVwy")

// Sign the first input with the new key
tx.sign(0, key)

// Print transaction serialized as hex
// => 0100000001313eb630b128102b60241ca895f1d0ffca2170d5a0990e094f2182c102ab94aa000000008a47304402200169f1f844936dc60df54e812345f5dd3e6681fea52e33c25154ad9cc23a330402204381ed8e73d74a95b15f312f33d5a0072c7a12dd6c3294df6e8efbe4aff27426014104e75628573696aed32d7656fb35e9c71ea08eb6492837e13d2662b9a36821d0fff992692fd14d74fdec20fae29128ba12653249cbeef521fc5eba84dde0689f27ffffffff01983a0000000000001976a914ad618cf4333b3b248f9744e8e81db2964d0ae39788ac00000000

// You could now push the transaction onto the Bitcoin network manually (see https://blockchain.info/pushtx)


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