I'm monitoring The Shadow Brokers wallet out of curiosity on how big it will become, and I've noticed that a transaction with a value of £0.00 was sent. How can this be?

The transaction I'm referencing is: da849be1571092b467da9be31bcb0a43508bde5776173954bdba0d48845bd842

enter image description here

It was my assumed understanding that you can't send a value of nothing (in this case £0.00) as when I try and send BTC0.00/£0.00, my client always asks me to input a value.

Utlimately, my question is how and why would someone send £0.00.

The why may be impacted by the urge to contribute to the wallet funds for NSA 0days.


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How would someone send £0.00?

The transaction you mentioned sent .00001 BTC to 19BY2XCgbDe6WtTVbTyzM9eR3LYr6VitWK which is the Shadow Brokers account. £0.00 is only a rounded number when converting to fiat. Disregarding this transaction, it is possible to send Bitcoin transactions with no BTC value

why would someone send £0.00?

Your why question is more speculative, but sending dust is a common (low cost) tactic for chain analysis companies to tie bitcoin addresses together in the future. In this case it is likely that many chain analysis companies (on their own or on behalf of government clients) will attempt to identify the owners of that Bitcoin account.

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