The bug is with https://bitcoinchain.com

Before I report it I would like to see if I can gain any additional clues as to what might be going on in order to assist their developers to get to the root of the problem quickly.

If I call their API like so:


then add up all of the utxo.amounts they gave me for the wallet in question I get 0.57944267

But if you examine the wallet here https://blockchain.info/address/1KZnzTTfuxiyHUJdLqn3UnHyTVDN2UgeHU

you see that it really holds 1.15968995

With a little digging I see at least two of the utxos txid/hash(s) where they have incorrectly got the wrong output:


they have picked the wrong wallet address 1o69bsLaqaAM6R7bomaGVFT7uvGFvziTy



they have picked the wrong wallet addess 16tk4YEYpE6taGzZjkH9aiEApLLDR8UZL9

Not every utxo has this mistake, so it could be ruled out that they are always picking the first output.

I would have thought that they should just be asking if the output address matches the queried address but if they were doing that then surely this bug would not exist!

What other factors could cause this?

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  • They're also missing some outputs, like 056c445c8d6f67355c554f186200af3413de9cb3918a13e7e0bb1b2d0a7cc2a3. – Nick ODell Oct 1 '16 at 21:39

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