I want to use sendfrom bitcoind rpc method to transfer funds from my account to some address. Right after calling it, I want to get all the data about this transaction using gettransaction or listsinceblock. Does bitcoind's wallet system process a new transaction before or after responding with a "txid" to sendfrom? Is it safe to call sendfrom and gettransaction right after that from my python code for example?

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Yes. It's save. The current transaction submitting logic (CommitTransaction) do report the transaction ID after adding the tx to the local database and to the mempool. On top, it holds the cs_main and the cs_wallet lock which makes sure not other thread can manipulate the relevant data-structured during the time of AddToWallet and AcceptToMempool. https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/wallet/wallet.cpp#L2557

This means, when you call a send* RPC command, you will get response (the txid) after the transaction was submitted to the mempool and added to your local wallet database.

Immediately calling gettransaction is therefore save.


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