Since Ethereum has taken the way for smart contracts, it seems to me that the color coins projects have been abandoned in favour of the Ethereum ecosystem. But I might be wrong. Are there any interesting projects still for this approach?

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There are at least 5 different colored coins implementations on bitcoin that I'm aware of. The ones in active development include:

  • Colu - They recently showed how their implementation can be used with the lightning network. https://www.colu.com/
  • Chromaway - They've been running a lot of pilots with various banks and whatnot. http://chromaway.com/

There's also a slack channel for colored coins as well, which you can see here: http://coloredcoins.org/

So no, it's not dead and there's still plenty of development going on.


Here is a recent update you can check: https://medium.com/colu/announcing-colored-coins-and-lightning-integration-8e54d5dbfd0e#.7nnuw98ne



Colored Coins assets have the same TPS, Transaction fees, and verification times as Bitcoin.




Colu has built a version of Lightning Labs’s code that is Colored Coins compatible. It uses Lightning technology transfer digital assets in payment channels and using the bitcoin blockchain as a settlement layer and a dispute resolution mechanism that secures the assets.

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