Whenever a news article is written about bitcoin, it has this "physical" gold/brass coin with detailed circuitry on it as an article picture.

For examples see here and here.

Does this really exists? Who makes them and where can I buy one? Is it from gold? I am specifically interested in the coin with this "detailed circuitry" like the two on the pictures I linked. I was able to find some sellers of physical coins, but they are not as detailed/precise.

What other physical coins "of bitcoin" exist?


Casascius Coins are the ones that have been the most well known, though according to their website they no longer contain any actual bitcoin as of Nov 27, 2013.


I am not familiar with any others, though I did find this article to be informative.

The pictures linked in the question look like they may be the Cryptmint coins in the article.

I also suspect that many of those pictures used in articles are just well-done computer-generated images.

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