my transaction size is 1850 (bytes) with fee of 0.00051 BTC and it is seen by 124 peers in multibit HD . but now after 11 hours, it is not confirmed! in blockchain.info it said "Estimated Confirmation Time: Very Soon (High Priority)" why it is not confirmed? here's the hash: 4fba9205ed407f941a35ebb4f8e56ee565625d3a55da903bfae4c95dbe1548b1 thanks

  • it got confirmed finally after 20 hours! i think it was the bitcoin network issue, cause in that moment there were about 50K unconfirmed transactions in blockchain.info – necromancer Dec 7 '16 at 13:52

Looks like it was included in block #441,666 and currently has 29 confirmations.


The higher the number of unconfirmed transactions (in the mempool) the longer will take to confirm your transaction unless you give a higher fee.

I recommend watching current mempool where you can see the number of unconfirmed transactions and it gives you an idea how "clogged up" is the Bitcoin network.

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