I transferred all of my 0.0105 BTC in one address to “1Px92t3MBmZcMfomZmt2BKqaaWHRp2y7fQ” through Bitcoin Core. There are two transaction records as following: enter image description here Details are:

Status: 9 confirmations 
> Date: 2016/12/3 19:30 
> Debit: -0.01036619 BTC 
> Net amount: -0.01036619 BTC 
> Transaction ID: e71a265559886a784b242a77d952f58821deada04c547d26b61032ee4f8f5360 
> Output index: 0

Status: 10 confirmations, broadcast through 6 node(s) 
> Date: 2016/12/3 19:19 
> To: huobi 1Px92t3MBmZcMfomZmt2BKqaaWHRp2y7fQ (watch-only) 
> Debit: -0.01036619 BTC 
> Credit: 0.01036619 BTC 
> Total debit: -0.01036619 BTC 
> Total credit: 0.01036619 BTC 
> Transaction fee: -0.00013381 BTC 
> Net amount: -0.00013381 BTC 
> Transaction ID: 9ff577cea7b86667eaea93084b4fb7ed75a5ed6d14bdc6e0557ca8fdc55efb82 
> Output index: 0

Two questions:

FIRST Why there two transaction records and one of them with type “Payment to yourself”? My balance is 0 now.

SECOND getrawtransaction

9ff577cea7b86667eaea93084b4fb7ed75a5ed6d14bdc6e0557ca8fdc55efb82 1

results: No information available about transaction (code -5)

What does the transaction 9ff577cea7b86667eaea93084b4fb7ed75a5ed6d14bdc6e0557ca8fdc55efb82 represented?

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looking at blockchain.info, your first spent to this address was done at 2016-DEC-03 11:19:29 CET, amount was 0.01036619 BTC. This is what is shown in your picture above. You can look at the raw TX here: 9ff577ce...c55efb82 Later on there was a second TX: e71a26555...f8f5360 Both TX are confirmed. All good. Not sure if I got your question right, on the payment to yourself. Usually if you spend bitcoins, they come from UTXOs, and if a value doesn't exist, the wallet will try to combine several UTXOs to near the desired value. The remainings go back into your wallet. It is like buying something for 9 Euros, you pay with a ten Euro bill, and get 1 Euro back to your wallet.

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    Also, getrawtransaction only works for unconfirmed transactions unless you run in txindex mode. Use gettransaction instead, which requests wallet info about a transaction rather than node information. Dec 5, 2016 at 8:50
  • Thx for your answer. Actually I had 0.0105 BTC in the account 19CtzwxLnkptTHp49BRVdvzVjxtYDkMvph, and I made a transfer to spend all of the 0.0105 BTC to 1Px92t3MBmZcMfomZmt2BKqaaWHRp2y7fQ. There should not be any remains to be paid back. If there is a payment to myself, I should not get a zero balance.
    – lu yuan
    Dec 6, 2016 at 8:08

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