Question for those with considerable experience in bitcoin: If you would start with Bitcoin today what would be your primary way for:

  • Short-term (in a month) way of obtaining bitcoins
  • Medium-term (in about 6 months) way of obtaining bitcoins
  • Long-term (more than 12 months) way of obtaining bitcoins

Please mention what resources and knowledge would you need for each these.


this is not an experts judgement, so here are my two cents to this more or less "unprecise" question - you didn't say, what you want to do with bitcoin (use case):

*short term: try a mobile (SPV) wallet or the bitcoin-QT, play some faucets, and start understanding the wording around bitcoin. Very little ressources required, only little knowledge required (reading some forums and bitcoin.org, of course).

*mid term: buy your bitcoins on an exchange or other provider (here in Switzerland we have the railway service - every of their terminals allows you to buy bitcoins). Get prepared to understand the security model of bitcoin - you are your own bank! You don't need special skills, just a good financial understanding.

*long term: develop in any language a trx analyzer or similiar, to understand the logic (and pitfalls) of the environment. This requires programming skills, and a developper machine...

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