I have tried installing Bitcoin Core on my PC and without thinking, I went on and bought some coins (I was trying to be organized, so by the time the sync was done I would already have the coin).

90% into sync my HDD got full so I decided to go through this forum and see how to move the BLOCKS Folder to my D:\ Drive. After doing it the FATAL Error came and I am now unable to re-install the program EVEN After moving the BLOCK Folder back to the original folder.

Now I can't access my private key because I can't launch the program BUT I still have access to my wallet.dat (88KB). I have search the forum for answers but can't find mine in particular.

Please help me retrieve my key!!

  • Just to understand what happened, did you move the folder while Bitcoin Core was running? As long as you have access to your wallet.dat, it should be possible to retrieve your keys. It would probably be helpful if you provided the error message. – Murch Dec 23 '16 at 9:18

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