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The transaction 0ee906dd3a240d3776d609853a7e855ed813b8a1e51328405145a8cffecbb804 has been unconfirmed for six hours. I have no idea what the problem, it just says "unconfirmed transaction!". Is there anything I can do? My bitcoin core was recently updated so i don't think it's a transaction fee problem.

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There is currently a backlog of about 52,000 unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions.

The transaction 0ee906dd3a240d3776d609853a7e855ed813b8a1e51328405145a8cffecbb804 will be confirmed eventually.

At the very worst, the transaction will get dropped and the coins will still be in the sending address.


In order to prevent this from happening, increase your transaction fee to raise your transaction priority. This will prioritize the transaction and miners will confirm it faster.

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