I'm trying to generate a 2-of-2 multisig address:

  • pubkey1 and privkey1 on coinb.in
  • pubkey2 and privkey2 a bitcoin core client
  • I use createmultisig 2 '''["<pubkey1>", "<pubkey2>']''' on the core to generate the 2-of-2 multisig address.


  "address": "38RmRDRp4YedPXdh9Vu82akPRtXwvsPeRp",
  "redeemScript": "5221020150ce6954f0cdcc2c5d57cf249f25eab0eed23e39549c4f06bcb42a37f308ce2102224aca2849ddad9c663c0bcfdac5ce3ca06f784ac8eca83404a4ea4ac61dbe7d52ae"

I transferred 0.00001BTC to that address in txid 20615db3dcda53ab1e780bb9f2c417c5ad2acfbd475d168b205caba3db401f1a and my goal is to spend this amount from the multisig address:

  • I created a raw transaction on the bitcoincore:


createrawtransaction '''[{ "txid": "20615db3dcda53ab1e780bb9f2c417c5ad2acfbd475d168b205caba3db401f1a", "vout": 1 }]''' '''{ "1BT8tmV9Exfrx7FUjNvLQaUBgpZJaHyXMT": 0.00000900  }'''
  • I attempt to sign this transaction on coinb.in with privkey2:

coinb.in signature

  • I attempt to sign the second transaction on the core:


signrawtransaction "01000000011a1f40dba3ab5c208b165d47bdcf2aadc517c4f2b90b781eab53dadcb35d6120010000006b483045022100d4367946074622b6e22a936adbded609fba5d2501c603b630d3e2edadcb5bcc402203ac6693fbf2ac7ac4d4234ef19be348b6511a0fcdf5991cb26ac2b695876534c0121020150ce6954f0cdcc2c5d57cf249f25eab0eed23e39549c4f06bcb42a37f308ceffffffff0184030000000000001976a91472a2a94468e42593656cc9803c7a48c1863fc3e588ac00000000" 
       "txid": "20615db3dcda53ab1e780bb9f2c417c5ad2acfbd475d168b205caba3db401f1a", 
       "vout": 1, 
       "scriptPubKey": "a91449e688475c78033674b8a645f4339fe41366251587", 
       "redeemScript": "5221020150ce6954f0cdcc2c5d57cf249f25eab0eed23e39549c4f06bcb42a37f308ce2102224aca2849ddad9c663c0bcfdac5ce3ca06f784ac8eca83404a4ea4ac61dbe7d52ae"}


  "hex": "01000000011a1f40dba3ab5c208b165d47bdcf2aadc517c4f2b90b781eab53dadcb35d6120010000009200473044022015ededd076573807b25a4e7facef5ad132683d54ffde8d28c1dbcab4be8e852e02204a063aec61cf6e1eee4825b9f19566a06f87db02913b283f9281a133127002030100475221020150ce6954f0cdcc2c5d57cf249f25eab0eed23e39549c4f06bcb42a37f308ce2102224aca2849ddad9c663c0bcfdac5ce3ca06f784ac8eca83404a4ea4ac61dbe7d52aeffffffff0184030000000000001976a91472a2a94468e42593656cc9803c7a48c1863fc3e588ac00000000",
  "complete": false,
  "errors": [
      "txid": "20615db3dcda53ab1e780bb9f2c417c5ad2acfbd475d168b205caba3db401f1a",
      "vout": 1,
      "scriptSig": "00473044022015ededd076573807b25a4e7facef5ad132683d54ffde8d28c1dbcab4be8e852e02204a063aec61cf6e1eee4825b9f19566a06f87db02913b283f9281a133127002030100475221020150ce6954f0cdcc2c5d57cf249f25eab0eed23e39549c4f06bcb42a37f308ce2102224aca2849ddad9c663c0bcfdac5ce3ca06f784ac8eca83404a4ea4ac61dbe7d52ae",
      "sequence": 4294967295,
      "error": "Script evaluated without error but finished with a false/empty top stack element"

What am I doing wrong? Unfortunately I can't specify the pubkeyscript or redeemscrit to coinb.in, so could this be the reason why the signatures are not validating?

Note: I can sign the transaction successfully on bitcoin core when I specify both private keys in the command.

  • Why can't you provide the redeemscript to coinb.in? On the create transaction tab you can paste in the redeemscript instead of an input address.
    – m1xolyd1an
    Jan 8, 2017 at 17:36
  • Indeed I think that's the root of the issue .. Coinbin does not allow me to specify a redeem script while signing a transaction ... Note that when I sign the transaction on the core first and then do the second signature on coinbin it works !!
    – motatoes
    Jan 8, 2017 at 18:05

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Well, I managed to solve this issue by manually modifying the transaction in javascript before calling coinbin's sign method. I've filed an issue with details here. This is how I ended up solving the issue in Javascript (this is kind of a hack, I just specify the same redeemScript for each input, which works for my specific usecase):

var rawtx2 = "01000000021a1f40dba3ab5c208b165d47bdcf2aadc517c4f2b90b781eab53dadcb35d61200100000000ffffffff05ec447a886d8711db0d5f4cbf1f61956cf227c82c5594ee195bb179e86faa910100000000ffffffff0138c70000000000001976a91472a2a94468e42593656cc9803c7a48c1863fc3e588ac00000000";

(function partialSignMultisig(window) {
    var coinjs = window.coinjs;
    var wifkey = "<WIFKEYHERE>";
    var script = rawtx2;
    var redeemScript = "5221020150ce6954f0cdcc2c5d57cf249f25eab0eed23e39549c4f06bcb42a37f308ce2102224aca2849ddad9c663c0bcfdac5ce3ca06f784ac8eca83404a4ea4ac61dbe7d52ae";

    var tx = coinjs.transaction();
    var t = tx.deserialize(script);

        // Manually specify scripts for inputs ..
    for (var i = 0; i < t.ins.length; i++) {
        t.ins[i].script = coinjs.script(redeemScript);

    var signed = t.sign(wifkey);
    console.log( signed );


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